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The LiftSlide door's European-designed roller system allows expansive glass panels (weighing up to 550 pounds or more) to roll smoothly and easily when opening and closing. This not only gives you a panoramic view, it opens up living space in your home, letting the great outdoors in.

The way it works is elegantly simple. To open, push the handle down to raise the panel off the embedded floor roller track. To close, pull the handle up to lower the panel and create a weather tight barrier.

The roller track is set into the sub-flooring, projecting just 3/16 above the finished floor affording a smooth and unobstructed transition to the outside of your home. And the LiftSlide system can be built in straight configurations stacked side by side, or pocketed into the walls.

While the LiftSlide is a unique door product, it is fully compatible with other Loewen windows and doors.

  • Custom made product
  • Glass panelization gives homes dramatically larger door openings
  • Opens up living space, creating a natural transition from interior to exterior
  • Rolls smoothly and easily when opening and closing (even 500 pound panels)
  • Locks into place, creating a tight weather barrier
  • Multi-point locking system provides high level of security
  • Natural Douglas Fir interior (clear no visible finger joints)
  • Low E2 insulated tempered glazing
  • Extruded aluminum in 9 Standard Palette colors, 27 Architectural Palette colors
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