Environmental stewardship is closely aligned with many of the core values that are present in our company. Loewen is committed to this stewardship, in both our product and manufacturing processes.

  • We manufacture only wood windows, thereby using a renewable resource, an efficient natural insulator and production methods that consume less energy than PVC.
  • We recycle virtually all of the wood waste created in manufacturing. We also recycle glass, aluminum, vinyl weatherstrip, solvents, motor oil and paper. We even heat our plant with sawdust and sell the remainder to local farms for animal bedding.
  • While we actively seek to reduce-reuse-recycle, we understand the real world dynamics of downcycling and so we aggressively design systems that are optimally efficient in consumption and strive to produce windows of the highest quality so as to assure long product life. To this end, our products are made to be repaired and can even be removed and re-installed. Once again, product quality is at the crossroads of efficiency and responsible design.
  • Our products are empirically shown to be among the industry’s best in terms of thermal performance (NFRC tested).
  • We are the 2001 recipient of the Tree Canada Foundation Eterne Award, honoring us for "environmental leadership and commitment to taking action on global climate change through the planting of trees."
  • Loewen CEO Charles Loewen, is one of fourteen members of the Canadian Forest Sector Advisory Council, whose mandate is to work towards reduced CO2 emissions in the forest sector.
  • The majority of the wood fiber used in the production of Loewen products is derived from Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified forestland.