Loewen Heritage...

There’s a remarkable story reflected in every Loewen window. It all begins at the turn of the twentieth century on the lonely prairies of southern Manitoba. Here in the village of Steinbach, a group of Mennonite families, including the Loewens, migrated from Russia.

Among the first things made by the Loewen millwork for the fast-growing community were humble items like church pews and beekeeping equipment. But soon, windows and doors became our specialty.

Today, three generations later, Loewen is 1500 employees strong — and creates elegantly wrought windows and doors for discriminating homeowners around the globe. The key to our success is simple: while we’ve remained faithful to our roots — particularly in our deeply held traditional craft values and work ethic — we’ve also grown to embrace new technologies and ideas from places as diverse as Europe, Japan, and of course, North America.

We are a company where seeming opposites exist in harmony; the old and the new; delicate beauty and a steely toughness; and pride in craft tempered by an abiding humility. The result is windows and doors that possess a rich heritage, a striking beauty, even a kind of soul you won’t find anywhere else in the world.