To our way of thinking, a window should be more than just a source of natural light and air… It should be a source of inspiration. Consequently, you may have trouble deciding which is more inspiring: the view outside your windows or the windows themselves.

Casement Windows
Casement Windows swing open (like a door) to provide superior ventilation, while the large glass areas provide unobstructed views and bathe your rooms in a flood od natural light.
Double Hung Windows
Opening from both the top and the bottom, double hung windows are proof that certain classic looks never go out of style. And we have taken steps to make these timeless beauties perform better than ever.
Bow & Bay Windows
Unlike other options, bow and bay windows actually add valuable living space to your home. How much extra space is up to you.
Picture Windows
Loewen Picture Windows are designed to give you maximum views with a minimum of wood framework.
Awning Windows
Awning windows open out from the bottom, letting air circulate freely while providing a unique protective shield to keep the rain out.
Sliding Windows
Our sliding windows combine the wide vistas provided by picture windows with a simple design that allows you to slide them open and shut.
Access Windows
These windows are ideal in situations where access to the outside is restricted – such as multiple story homes and commercial applications.
Transom Windows
Expand your view, incorporate additional ventilation and complete your look with Loewen complementary Transom windows.
Custom and Speciality Windows
When something unique is called for, there is no substitute for Loewen’s nearly 100 years of crafting European heritage. No substitute either for the skill of designers and engineers who excel at state-of-the-art window and production technology to create that one special window that will make the whole room sparkle.