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Mission® Casement windows are an identical twin to Traditional Casements with the exception of the bottom sash rail.

The "sash" is the portion of the window that operates. In traditional joinery, the bottom horizontal wood segment (the "rail") would be constructed of a wood component slightly larger than the other pieces of wood around the glass.

Artisans around the world built window sash this way for hundreds of years — imparting strength and a uniform interior sash "reveal."

While our Casement window design does not require a heavier bottom rail for structural purposes, there is a strong desire to continue the tradition and authenticity this small but attractive feature adds.

Built for those with an appreciation for quality and accuracy, this design element adds richness to many architectural styles, including Craftsman and Spanish Mission.

The enlarged, eye-pleasing 3 1/16" (78 mm) tall bottom rail is clearly visible on the exterior and makes for a stylish uniform reveal on the interior — all four sides of the closed sash are visible.

Naturally, all interior jamb mouldings and sill covers are back nailed for a clean interior look free of nail holes, thus allowing for a clear interior stain or a painted finish.

And of course, there are no mitered sash joints — only genuine stile and rail construction.

Note that a Mission® sash is also available on Loewen Awning windows.

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