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Loewen Picture windows are designed to give you maximum views with a minimum of wood framework. Picture windows, of course, do not open. But you can create the ideal combination of view and ventilation by pairing them with operable Loewen windows.

Loewen offers 3/4” (19 mm) thick jambs (“jamb” refers to the vertical frame segment) and also a 1 3/8” (35 mm) version. Both have a 1 3/8” (35 mm) thick sill (horizontal bottom segment).

3/4” (19 mm) units maximize viewing area while 1 3/8” (35 mm) offer increased strength and are also able to contain Simulated Divided Lite bars to match those on adjoining or adjacent windows and doors.

Also, 1 3/8” (35 mm) Picture units offer a matching jamb for situations where operating windows — Awning for example — are ganged together with Pictures.

Jamb sight lines are aligned and an integrated overall appearance is achieved.

Venting cavities allow built-up condensation to escape, increasing the lifespan of hermetic seals and window frames.

  • Available in numerous shapes and styles
  • Clean architectural look
  • 19 mm and 35 mm jamb options (SDL available with 35 mm option only)
  • Natural, clear Douglas Fir interior (no visible finger joints)
  • Frame construction designed for 4 9/16” (116 mm) jamb
  • Low E2 insulated glazing with 1/2” (12 mm) airspace
  • Extruded aluminum cladding in 9 Standard Palette colors, 27 Architectural Palette colors, primed wood or clear fir exterior
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